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staff app - SNUDDERMADO - 07-06-2018

What is your RP Name: My  name is snuddermado

What is your STEAMID?:76561198322958196

How many hours do you have on Aspiration RP?:10

What is your age?:13

Do you have a mic?:

What time zone are you in?:Mountain Time

Do you have any previous experience?:No i dont but i understand basic admin actions such as !bring x

Why do you want to be a member of our staff team?:I see many servers with abusive admins who dont look into things and just ban/warn i hope to fix that 

What do you think are some of your strengths/weaknesses?:i have no jobs or anything to do for the summer so i can be on here alot more then most,while people will most likely not take me serious hence my voice

Why do you think you'd be a good candidate. What makes you stand out?:i have nearly 1000 hours on gmod therefore i have seen the spectrum of admins

Let's say you've been staff for a month, what goals / accomplishments would you have wanted to achieve as part of our team?:To try and become a higher rank or help it least 100 people

RE: staff app - The Squealing Chicken - 07-06-2018

-1 Short App, Little Hours

RE: staff app - Paki Bomber CharBander - 07-09-2018

-1 never seen you on plz reapply once u have more hours

RE: staff app - TheLego - 07-09-2018

Denied, does not meet application requirements.