wiley [Moat.gg]; mass RDM, raid without advert, propblocking


Your RP name: Valok

Your SteamID: STEAM_0:1:66437859

Player Involved: wiley [Moat.gg] (his steamID is: STEAM_0:0:50119046

Evidence [required]:
RDM evidence: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/f...1426952127



(JUST IN CASE IMGUR LINKS: http://imgur.com/a/CDgslTz)

Additional Comments: Joined server roughly 2:30 AM CST, and first announced raid on my base without using advert. He destroyed all of my stuff and I stuck around in spawn for him to taunt me about it. Afterwards, I noticed that he was killing to players primarily (RIP XXXTENTACION, and bork n spork. These players did nothing wrong and were just trying to play the game).

We tried to fight back a little bit but somehow he managed to just instakill us nonstop every time we crossed the tunnel out of spawn. I built a blockade for a moment, and he started to say hed get me banned so a few seconds in I deleted the barriers. Afterwards he continued to RDM when we stepped out, and at one point blocked spawn himself for a few minutes before leaving the game. I grabbed his steam ID and immediately reported this.

Sorry for my brief prop block, we had no clue what to do and just tried to get him to leave us alone. We tried shooting back at him and managed to kill him a few times but he always ended up just killing us nonstop. No mods were on at the time, and a guy on the server not involved mentioned he had done this before.

Thanks for reading this report and hopefully considering a ban to stop him from continuing this.


+1 Was on when he did it, he was spawn camping and taunting at us on how we didn't kill him.


Thanks for the report. User has been punished.
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