FreelyViben's Staff App!


What is your RP Name: FreelyUnloved

What is your STEAMID?: STEAM_0:1:111817865

How many hours do you have on Aspiration RP?: 7,515 miniutes

What is your age?: 15

Do you have a mic?: Yes

What time zone are you in?: EST

Do you have any previous experience?: No, but I learn quickly.

Why do you want to be a member of our staff team?: Because this is my favorite server and I want to do everything I can to make
it the best it can possibly be. Also, Ive always wanted to see what it is like to be an admin.

What do you think are some of your strengths/weaknesses?: There are few people who dont like me and a lot of people who know me. 
My biggest weakness I feel is that I dont have any experience and would need quiet a bit of help in the beggining, other than that
my greatest weakness would be my warns. I can explain why my warns are so high.

Why do you think you'd be a good candidate. What makes you stand out?: I have a pretty good handle on the MOTD and know that I
wouldnt abuse my powers and I dont mind taking the time to look for the answer. There isnt much I can say, It would be easier to 
have the opertunity to show you.

Let's say you've been staff for a month, what goals / accomplishments would you have wanted to achieve as part of our team?: I would like to have a respected name on the server, Have a decent amount of claims, and overall made the server better for everyone. I want to have shown that even someone with no experience can learn.


Nice Player, I see this person (not assuming genders here so imma say this person) around alot when I play, I never really engage in RP with this person but I see this person alot.


Freely your a good guy and active but I'm going to have have to -1 you for now because of your warns I recommend waiting a mouth without getting warns then reapply also learn to read English the question asked how many hours you have not minutes


Denied. Does not meet application requirements.
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