Slayer of Things staff app #2


What is your RP Name: Slayer Of Things

What is your STEAMID?: STEAM_0:0:11101

How many hours do you have on Aspiration RP?: 31.25

What is your age?: 20

Do you have a mic?: yes

What time zone are you in?: Eastern

Do you have any previous experience?: i was admin on two other servers and was rated highly

Why do you want to be a member of our staff team?: so i can help the community grow and punish all the people who join when there are no staff memembers and RDM

What do you think are some of your strengths/weaknesses?: strengths: I have alot of free time to watch the server and I'm very reasonable, weakness: i have a tendency to misread rules but i am willing to work on it

Why do you think you'd be a good candidate. What makes you stand out?: i always ask to see what is against the rules and tend to tell other people that they are breaking a rule and if they continue i call an admin, and i am very honest and always tell the truth and if it is a problem i have made i will usually ask the upper staff for guidance and if i made a mistake on judging and am i told i will ask for other staff members on what I should do to fix said problem, also i will always tend to be a first responder to anyone who needs help and am willing to listen and learn how i should be doing my job correctly. I also want people to have fun and enjoy the server every time they log on instead of feel that they are getting target by raids or anything else while they are playing and I also understand that as a staff member you cant control that but im hoping that with me becoming staff people will enjoy the server alot more with less rdming and less people who dont advert any of ther needed adverts

Let's say you've been staff for a month, what goals / accomplishments would you have wanted to achieve as part of our team?: less rdm and more people on during certain times of the day and to have more staff be respected by the community and have less people hate the staff for being "unreasonable" or "irresponsible".


+0 I've never had a problem with you but I've also never talked to you I think most staff won't +1 because of this I think you have what it takes to be staff but I recommend you join the discord when ever you join the server it's the best way to get to know the staff and for the staff to get to know you


Denied. Does not meet the applications requirements.
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