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Welcome To
Aspiration Gaming!
We strive to provide unparalleled role-play experience; below is a list of rules designed to help ensure we do.
Not all rules are listed here because we use common sense. If you ever think something might not be allowed, ask us!
If caught doing something we do not allow, our staff team will inform you. Thanks for your compliance!

Any Questions? Contact Staff Via: “@ {message}”
By Closing This Page You Acknowledge That You Have Read, and Agree To Follow Any And All Rules of This Server.
General Rules
  • Do not commit RDM/FDA/RDA.
    • RDM: (Random DeathMatch) is killing another player without a valid RP reason.
    • ARDM: (Attempt Random DeathMatch) is damaging or shooting a player without a valid RP reason.
    • FDA: (Fading Door Abuse) is using your Fading Door keybind while in an RP situation.
    • RDA: (Random Arrest) is arresting another player without valid RP reasoning.
    • MRDM: (Mass Random DeathMatch)  is killing many players without a valid rp reason.
    • AMRDM: (Attempt Mass Random DeathMatch) is attempting to kill many people without reasoning.
  • Do not break NLR.
    • NLR: (New Life Rule) You do not remember anything about your past life. (Being RDMed is an exception.)
      • Do not interact with the person(s) who have killed you for 5 minutes.
      • If you die while defending your base during a raid, you may not return for 15 minutes or until raid over. 
      • If you suspect a player is violating NLR, please contact a staff member instead of killing them. Failure to do so and taking matters into your own hands will not be disregarded.
  • Do not FailRP.
    • Use common sense in all RP situations
    • Do not use 3rd party applications to improve your knowledge ingame
    • Do not suicide in RP situations
  • Spamming in any form is not allowed.
    • This includes but is not limited to: Chat Spam, Camera Spam, Prop Spam, Mic Spam, Tip Jar Spam, etc.
  • Do not Prop Minge.
    • Prop Minge:  is the use of props in order to block, harass, kill, move,  other players or their property/raidables.
  • Any use of hacks, mods, exploits, or anything that's unfair isn't allowed. If you do find any bugs, please report it to the staff immediately!
    • Exploiting: Using anything in any way, other than the way it was intended to be used.
  • Linking players to any sources with malicious intent is not permitted.
  • Advertising any sources not affiliated with Aspiration Gaming is not permitted.
  • Sprays must not contain any nudity, or be offensive to any race/religion.
  • If someone has "No sound" or "Little Sound" in their RP Name, you must type to them, and provide them with a reasonable amount time to reply.
    • If you have “No Sound,” but do not put it in your name, everything you have been involved in will be accounted for as if you had sound. (Ex. Staff sit, Mugging attention, etc.)
  • Spawn is a safe zone, RP is not permitted in spawn.
    • Do not enter spawn to avoid RP.
      • President is not allowed in spawn under any situation.
  • Do not attempt to loophole, go around, or bend any rules! Have common sense, if what you are doing is right you wouldn’t have to explain it.
    • Staff Members have the final say in a situation for what is right
  • Do not have an offensive name, or a name that cannot be typed via an English keyboard.
    • If a staff member tells you to change your name, change it or you will be punished accordingly.
  • You must be in a party to assist your friends.
    • You can start/join a party using “!party”
  • You will be banned for 2 week if you reach 20 total warnings.
    • After this ban has expired, if you reach 10 additional warnings, you will be permanently banned.
      • To view your warnings, simply type “!warns” or “!warnings”
      • Keep in mind that an unban request most likely be rejected. You broke 20-30 rules. You should have already learned your lesson after the first few.
General Job/RP Rules
  • Abusing any jobs/weapons in any way will not be tolerated. For instance, as an Assassin, just because you are an assassin does NOT mean you can murder.
  • Changing your job name does NOT change your job role.
  • You may not self-supply. The only exceptions to this are as follows:
    • You are spawning in a single weapon for self-defense.
      • Shipments are not allowed to be spawned for your own sake; you must buy from someone or if you are the only gun dealer on.
  • Changing Jobs during an RP situation is not permitted.
    • For example: Changing to a combat medic to heal your friend.
  • You may not change jobs/suicide to bypass cooldown.
    • Doing so would be considered job abuse, and exploitation
  • All hits must be placed via the in-game hit system (press your ‘use’ key on a hitman to open the hit menu)
    • You may not use friends to consecutively place hits on a particular player.
    • You may not place hits as a Government Employee, Pet, Hobo, or a fellow Hitman (or Assassin).
    • Hitmen may not camp in a base, however, they can have a base where they store raidables, such as printers.
    • Hitman cannot be used for NLR situations, if you place a hit on someone that has just killed you, it is NLR.
      • Beyond this, the hitman cannot ask someone to place a hit on a specific player that has just killed them. This is NLR.
  • Vaping in someone’s face, or Throwing a boot at them is KOS
    • Additionally, vandalizing someone’s property, in any way, is KOS. (For example, breaking their windows)
  • Baiting in ANY way is not permitted.
  • Pets must RP as such.
    • They cannot own bases, printers, guns, etc.
    • Pets may not randomly attack people
      • Ex. Rabid Dog / Random biting
  • No class may get on the pianist’s piano without his/her permission.
  • You may not destroy another player’s radio, tip-jar, or other entities without a valid RP reason.
    • You may destroy someone’s radio if they are playing excessively loud music/sounds/noises/etc.
    • Furthermore, you may not pocket other players tip-jars.
    • You also may not destroy a player’s props. (for example, shooting someone's furniture) without a valid RP reason (for example, raiding).
  • Hobo’s must RP as such.
    • They don’t purchase/spawn any valuables.
      • This includes, but is not limited to: Radios, Guns (melee weapons are fine), Property (bases), Keypads, etc.
        • The exception to this being, player’s may donate entities to hobos (for example, “here, you can have my radio” *gives radio*)
    • Hobo’s bases must be reasonably* sized.
    • Hobo’s may build above the road, only if their structures are properly supported and accessible.
    • Hobo’s may not block any part of another player’s base.
  • Combat Medics may assist during thief raids, government medics may not.
  • Rappers are allowed to play music via their microphone without it being considered spam, unless it is determined to be overly disruptive by a staff member.
    • Rappers may not own any raidable entities.
  • If the hotel is owned by a Hotel Manager, each room (owned by separate person(s)/groups) may have 5 keypads.
    • If evicted (by a hotel manager, that purchased the property before you), you must leave, refusal to do so in a reasonable amount of time is FailRP.
    • If you are not a Hotel Manager but you own it and want to sell rooms, the entire hotel only gets 5 keypads.
  • Radio Hosts may not own raidable entities.
    • Radios and Mic are not raidables FYI
  • Do not use meth cooker stove as an explosive. This is an exploit.
  • Bloods, Crips, and Mafia all have leaders and members.
    • Each leader can call a war on each other gang as long as both sides agree in Advert
    • To start a war you must be a leader
    • Use this advert format “[Mafia Leader] /advert War on Crips! Do you accept?”
    • A faction leader cannot ask for a war on a gang that does not have a leader
  • Do not use demote or votekick when staff is on! Whatever they are doing wrong; report to a staff member.
  • As a Sith Lord and Jedi Knight, you do not have to advert to duel each other. If your duel affects others you will not be permitted to use it. Please find a good area to duel with not many bystandards.
  • As a Businessman, you may not have them in such a way that it is funneled (grav gunned or physgun'd) the funnels are an exploit and our owner Desire does not like it.
  • Sewer Monsters may not KOS or be KOS above ground unless it is Sewer Uprising. You may not stay above ground for more than 5 minutes unless it is Sewer Uprising. Sewer Monsters are KOS and can KOS in sewers 24/7.

Building/Basing Rules
  • Players may only build on the property where they own the doors or are otherwise permitted by the base owner. The only exceptions to this rule would be as follows:
    • Hobos
    • Megabasing (see below)
    • Tunnel in Residential, Slums
  • Players may only megabase in industrial,  the three house to the left of spawn, and the back of slums / residential.
    • You may block off tunnels at: Industrial, back of slums, and back of residential. Only tunnel “Road” allowed to be blocked is industrial.
    • With such; players may only block off these areas, if all the doors within them are owned, and their respective owners permit the doing of such
    • Megabases must have the appropriate amount of people. Each person must own a building in a megabase.
      • Ex. Industrial must at least have 4 members and the 3 houses must have at least 3
  • You may only own one building per person!
    • You may not reserve doors for other players.
  • Do not prop block.
    • Your base must be accessible to regular players via the regular keypad cracker/lockpick.
    • You must have at least 1 entrance/exit within your base.
  • You may not have a KOS sign on the sidewalk or street. This is public property.

  • You may have a maximum of 5 Keypads per base; this includes fake keypads.
    • This includes megabases!
    • The only exception to this is for Hotel Managers as previously specified.
    • Keypads must hold for at least 5 seconds.
      • After keypad cracking is successful, your fading door must open within 10 seconds.
        • The max delay is 10 seconds
      • The door must then stay open for at least 5 seconds as said above
        • Max hold length is 20 seconds.
    • Combination/Pattern Locks are not permitted
      • You may not fade keypads.
      • You may not use your tool gun on a keypad in general
    • Keypads must open on access granted. If caught abusing this will then follow with being warned, you also must fix it (obviously).
  • All buttons/keypads must be clearly visible, with no intent of them being hidden (Ex. Using materialize on them).
    • They also must be within reasonable range of the door they control.
    • Button tapping (opening a bulletproof prop ect.) is not allowed.
  • Your base must have a reasonable sense of direction (for example, ‘maze bases’ or ‘dark bases’ are not permitted).
  • Spamming props will not be tolerated and you will be permanently banned.
  • Police may have a police checkpoint directly outside the PD
    • Cars and people must be able to get through
    • If a staff member finds the checkpoint disruptive, they may ask that you remove it
  • While you are still constructing your base, you must place a “building” sign on it.
    • A building sign exempts you from all RP (and requires that you don’t RP yourself (for example, you can’t sell guns with a building sign up)
      • A building sign must be clearly visible, with no inherent attempt to be hidden.
      • They also must be at least size 50+ font, and 100% opacity
      • You may not have raidables of any sorts while building
      • Hitmen can still complete hits on those still building
  • Do not build anything profane. This includes religious/spiritual figures/symbols, the classic penis and other body parts, etc. 
  • Bases must follow these specific rules:
    • Crouching / Jumping to get into your base is not allowed
    • No ledges of any sorts to gain an advantage
      • Ex. Foot ledges, Ledges that only you can shoot back
    • No bases with extremely small cracks to shoot through will be permitted
    • Both players must be able to damage each other
  • Hobos may build above the streets and on the sidewalk. 
    • Hobo base must be reasonably* sized
    • If a staff member thinks that the base is in any way disruptive he may force you to remove it.
  • You may not base/wall off any NPC’s or job entities
    • Ex. The Package Reciever
  • You may not sell your advanced dupes or bases! This includes generous donations, item gifts, etc. You may not receive anything in return for sharing your base.
  • Textscreens with "Loitering and Annoying is KOS" are not permitted. You may still have touching base and keypads.
  • No-Collided bullet shields / Unkillable boxes that you can stand inside are not permitted

Vehicle Rules
  • Do not sit in/on your vehicle to avoid RP.

  • Do not hit intentionally annoy/hit other peoples cars unless you are a cop making someone stop.

  • Do not drive into peoples bases (no-collide) with your vehicle.

  • Read job descriptions to know which jobs can carjack! YOU MUST ADVERT CARJACK! 

  • The speed limit is 60 MPH, anything over is wantable (Use your speed gun). The mayor may not change this.
  • You may not propblock/block/make it impossible for a car to get out of any compound/base.
  • You may not Park / Stop your car in spawn. Spawn is a non-rp zone, your car is fair game for multiple rp situations.

Raiding Rules
  • Do not build during a raid. This applies to both the raider and the base owner!

  • Counter-Raiding is NOT allowed unless you are in a party/org with the raid victim!
    • The only exception is if you are a Cop / Swat. NLR does apply to all Cops and Swat UNLESS it is a PD Raid
  • You must wait 5 minutes before raiding another base! If you want to raid the same base you must wait 10 minutes.
    • After everyone inside the base is dead you have 10 minutes to do as you wish inside of it.
  • Radio Hosts, Producers, and Rappers may not be raided.
    • However, they must place a sign outside their base clarifying that they are such jobs.
    • The jobs listed above cannot have raidables.
    • Radios are not raidable.
  • You may not participate in other RP activities while raiding.
    • Ex. Placing a hit, Mugging, Kidnapping etc.

  • Calling raid on people already raiding to kill them is not allowed and is considered Countering! You may only Raid Assist those raiding.
  • When raiding as a bank robber, you may not get assisted unless you are in a party, in an org, or with other bank robbers!
    • There must be 20 players and 4 cops on when bank robbing
      • The bank will not allow you to break in unless the above requirements are met.
  • You may not use a persons Keypad Codes to raid.
  • Calling raid inside of a base is allowed. (Ex. Raiding a gun store in the lobby part of it.) (Ex 2. Raiding a base in which you have sneaked into)
  • If the base you want to raid is already being raided, you may not raid it or assist in the raid unless you have permission from the original raider, or you are in the same; party, gang with that same person.

Government (CP) Rules

  • CP must always make an attempt to arrest for non-violent crimes.
    • They can kill for violent crimes or crimes where there is an evident risk to life (ie. they are shooting someone).
      • You may not just open fire because a LAW says it's illegal, they MUST do something to harm you or someone else before you may kill them.
    • Commands for this job are written like this
      • /warrant “name” “reason”- this is used to enter someone's base.
      • /wanted “name” “reason”-this will make the targeted player wanted  
  • CP may not own a base or raidables.
    • They can only build in the PD and the checkpoint outside of the PD
  • They can not warrant a base without visual proof of illegals.
    • If a staff member is informed you warranted off of the sounds of drugs, it will be considered FailRP
    • Bitminers are legal to own and cannot be warranted for unless a new law is added
  • Do not make any false warrants! This will be considered as FailRP!
  • If you are mayor, make reasonable laws! Do not use it to enforce server rules.
    • If the mayor dies the laws he created are then ineffective and you must abide by the default laws until a new president is elected
    • Commands for the mayor are
      • /placelaws- This will spawn your lawboard (2 Max)
      • /addlaw “text”- This will create a new law
      • /removelaw #-This will remove a law
    • The first three laws on the law board are laws by default, even if there is no law board placed.
      • -Do not attack other citizens except in self-defense.
      • -Do not steal or break into peoples homes.
      • -Money printers/drugs are illegal.

  • You may not be a corrupt cop!
    • Cops must follow and enforce the laws unless the law is unjust (Above).
  • Government medics are for the cops. They cannot be used in raids and other Hostile RP matters.
    • If a cop kills someone for a valid RP reason, government medics should not revive them; this will be considered FailRP
  • Cops should not kill other cops for any reason!
    • Contact a staff if they are doing things they should not!
  • Cops, SWAT, and President may not shoot people in their cells. They are there to do the time in a safe cage.
    • This can be considered MRDM
  • Exploiting out of the jail cell is not allowed!
    • If caught you will first be warned then banned if caught again
  • President may not sit on anything at any time.
  • President may not make a law stating that jaywalking is not allowed.
  • Laws may not break basic RP functions (Running AOS, Jaywalking AOS, Not Crouching AOS ECT.) Please try to use common sense with your laws and Staff hold the right to remove any unjust or unpopular laws at their discretion.

Miscellaneous/ Other RP
  • Advert Guidelines:
    • The following actions must be adverted in order to be performed:
      • Mug (specify the amount, and any other restrictions compliant with rules defined above)
      • Kidnap (Can also have restrictions and compliant rules)
      • Raid/Assist
      • PD Raid/Bank Robbery
      • Carjack
      • Warnings
      • Terror
      • Over/False
        • You may not advert false if you fail to complete an adverted action, you must advert over.
        • You must advert over/false after an action is complete
        • After adverting ‘over’ the cooldown begins for each action respectively.
        • You may ask a staff to clarify.
    • Do not makeup adverts, this is bending the rules
      • IE. Crossfire, Drive By, Murder, etc.
        • They all still count as RDM
    • You may not advert stack.
      • For Example:
        • Good: “/advert Raid/Assist/PDRaid”
        • Bad: “/advert Raid/Assist/Mug drop $69 or die/ Kidnap/Over”
    • Your Adverts must be clear.
      • For example:
        • Good: “/advert [User] (OOC) Squidkicks: Don’t demote while staff are on (Raid/Assist/PDRaid)”
        • Bad: “/advert I am coming for your stuff.”
    • Staff members will ask you to change adverts that they feel go against the above.
  • Do not use means of RP to deal with a player breaking the rules!
    • If you believe a player is breaking the rules, contact a staff member!
    • NLR does not allow you to kill unless they shoot first! Call a staff!
  • Roleplay advert cooldowns are listed below
    • Mug -> 2 Minutes Different person, 10 Minutes Same person
    • Raid -> 5 Minutes Different base, 10 Minutes Same base
    • Kidnap -> 10 Minutes Different person, 30 Minutes Same person
    • PdRaid -> 10 Minutes
    • Bank Robbery -> 10 Minutes
    • Carjack -> 10 Minutes Different, 30 Minutes Same
    • Terror -> 10 Minutes GLOBAL
    • Rape -> 5 Minutes Different person, 10 Minutes Same person
  • Maximum offers for RP situations
    • Kidnaped Victim -> 50k
    • Carjacked Car -> 25k
    • Mug -> 10k
      • If it is paid you may not disrupt or scam! This is bannable!
  • Mugs have specific restrictions
    • Your advert must contain an amount ex. “/advert Mug drop 5k”
    • The person you are mugging must know they are being mugged
    • If you want to have a time restriction for death; the minimum mug time is 10 seconds
    • If you want to kill them if they move, jump, do stupid shit; you MUST include this in your advert
Admin Chat/Sit
  • To contact an admin use @ (Your Message) and explain why you need us. If you are rdmd, please include the victim's name in the message. If you have any other info on anything other than RDM include that as well; it helps us when we goto you.
    • Don’t use @ for stupid things! Use common sense, @ is for staff needs not to ask “Where do you think I should build?”
    • Shooting or arresting someone during an admin situation will be considered RDM or RDA.
    • Don’t run away or disconnect during an admin sit, this will be considered as LTAP unless you have crashed.
    • Don’t be a smart-ass in sits and intentionally make the sit difficult; this will result in a kick by itself. We are trying our best to get the sit over with as fast as possible.
    • Staff on Duty jobs are exempt from ALL role-play events. Killing one will be considered RDM SoD.
    • Don’t bitch or moan in /advert or /ooc about how bad a staff member is. Please be mature and report them on the forums under “Staff Report.”
We do not discriminate against anyone for reasons of Social Status, Gender, Age, Voice, Accent, Race, Religion, Sexuality, or any other reason. This is a no tolerance rule and will be dealt with seriously. You may not use any racial, religious, homophobic, anti-semitic, or any otherwise discriminatory slur or hateful speech. You may mess and play around with other players/friends as long as everyone is having fun, however, the rules above still apply, regardless of whether you are joking or not. 

Messing around with friends is allowed as long as no one outside of your friendship circle is affected. If a staff member finds whatever you are doing to be disruptive, they can force you to stop. Everyone inside your circle must also be ok with it.

Rules seen above are subject to change at any time if need be!

Rules Created and Edited by the following:

Desire - Owner
TheLego - Co-Owner
Mr. Dickens - Retired Co-Owner
Brotha Darkness - Retired Co-Owner
The Players w/ Suggestions

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