The Xerlife Birdo, PancadaBelha, Mr.ZanieZ EsPIRReTo'S, and STronxey. breaking rules


Your RP Name: Kim Jong Lee

Your STEAMID: STEAM_1:1:102608904

Players Involved: The Xerlife Birdo STEAM_0:0:105179929
PancadaBelha STEAM_0:0:177999436
Mr.ZanieZ EsPIRReTo'S STEAM_0:1:184154643

Evidence [required]:

Additional Comments:
Broke NLR multiple times, Had an illegal base where it was impossible to get to keypad without 3DMG, broke fda multiple times, Leaving uring a raid ( in one of the pictures it shows them leaving the game in chat and shows the prop owner disconnected.


+1 Yet to have seen this. But he was with other trusted members such as Weaboo. All evidence looks valid to me chief.

play persona 5

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