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RP Name: cuzphysics

SteamID: STEAM_0:0:102741794

Discord: cuzphysics#3945 (the links are invalid, can someone invite me to the discord?)

Hours on Aspiration: 30 (of actual roleplay)

Age: 14

I do have a mic

Timezone: EST

Previous staff experience:
PlayFreeRP: 2 weeks of moderating.
SupremeRP: 1 month of owning.
SerenityRP: 1 week of admin.
CynicalRP: 1 month of admin.

Why I want to be staff: I came from a lot of abusive servers like PFRP and Serenity that were corrupted by staff that dont do their jobs and let the rulebreakers roam free. I want to prevent that kind of server and help out in any way i can.

Takes staffing seriously but can appreciate and be a part of good jokes
Lenience/Strictness in correct situations
Doesn't abuse priveleges when it's not to have fun with people that are okay with it
Sometimes takes situations out of hand

What makes me stand out: I can near always be there to staff, and I love the game I play. I'll never get bored of it and dealing with people, so I won't just stop caring anymore.

Goals after a month: Have the server better than I started on it, be on the road to/be an admin.


I highly doubt you have 30 hours, but im barely on during mornings anymore. So fuck do I know, but more hours might be better on your end.

For someone your age, I will say maturity as it says in your pros will be quite a big factor.

And lastly, your goals seem pretty basic. Though decent.

It gets my +rep.

play persona 5

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